A Las Vegas based company with big legacy in Outsourcing services: back office, accounting and invoice processing, HR, sales support, order processing.

  1. Our company will help you develop a team that you will be able to control as if they’re your own employees

Access to a developing country’s inexpensive labour market.

3. Eliminate your job advertising costs completely

4. Eliminate your benefits cost, workers comp insurance and employment taxes completely. No real estate/office space costs

5. Transparency

6. Lower your risks

7. Provide Qualified Personnel. Today’s US labor market continues to be red hot with anticipations of this trend to continue in to 2023 thru 2025. Fleet Caravan LLC can help navigate this unprecedented time by providing access to an up and coming college educated labor market.

8.Control of your team. While the team we will hire for you will be technically and legally the employees of Fleet Caravan LLC and our Moldovan counterpart External Solutions SRL, you will be able to impose your own type of internal culture so that the team will better represent you and your company. You will have total control over

how business is conducted and you’ll be able to make any changes at any time as needed for YOUR business.

09. Eliminate job boards advertising costs. Just say the word when you’re ready to hire a new team member and we will do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll provide us with a job description and requirements list and we will find the best suited candidates and interview them for you at no cost to you. Once we narrow it down to a few candidates, you will be able to personally interview them over zoom or phone conversation and make the final decision or we can do that for you as well.

10. Transparency. When partnering with Fleet Caravan LLC, you get full transparency. You will know how much you are paying for each individual team member. We will provide a detailed report on the monthly cost of each new team addition and you will know what fee you are paying for our services. This will help you ensure that the team

members are properly remunerated and that in turn will get you low turnover rates and high retention rates that will help save money on new employee training and provide smooth continuity for your business.

11. Eliminate lawsuits. One of the biggest risk to employers today is frivolous lawsuits from employees because when you know you’re right, you will spend countless amounts of money on attorneys trying to fight those claims and a jury might still find you guilty and now you have to pay more in damages. Law suits can be for various reasons and

someone can sue you before he/she is even hired by you just for asking the wrong question in an interview. Did we mention worker’s compensation claims? The biggest advantage we offer with our situation is: you are not the employer and you cannot be sued. Fleet Caravan LLC and External Solutions SRL together offer 2 levels of

protections against any potential lawsuits.

12. Reduce your overhead costs. Most US based prospects who are in the job market today, are looking for companies who not only pay the best salaries, but who can also provide great benefits: paid vacations, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, company sponsored 401k and many other benefits. On top of that everyone expects a lot of office perks like coffee in your break rooms, free food, soft drinks and much more. On top of that you have to pay for the real estate each employee is occupying, increased energy costs with each additional team member, internet access, furniture and so on. By choosing to work with us and allowing us to create your team in Moldova, you will reduce or eliminate all these costs all while maintaining or in some cases increasing the quality of work provided when compared to a US based team.