Load planning is an essential part of the trucking industry that can make or break a business’s success. With the right load planner, companies can optimize their resources, minimize expenses, and improve their overall efficiency.

A load planner is a professional who is responsible for determining the most effective way to transport goods from one place to another. They use a variety of tools and techniques to analyze factors such as cargo weight and dimensions, destination, and route to develop a plan that maximizes the use of available resources.

One of the key benefits of using a load planner is the ability to optimize vehicle capacity. By carefully assessing cargo dimensions and weight, a load planner can ensure that trucks are filled to capacity, minimizing the number of trips required to transport goods. This can significantly reduce transportation costs and improve overall efficiency.

Another advantage of using a load planner is the ability to minimize transit time. By analyzing routes and selecting the most efficient path, load planners can reduce the time it takes to transport goods, enabling companies to meet tight delivery deadlines. This is especially important in the competitive world of trucking, where fast delivery times can be a key differentiator for businesses.

Load planners can also help companies navigate complex regulations and compliance requirements. They are knowledgeable about federal and state regulations regarding weight limits, hazardous materials, and other requirements. This ensures that companies remain compliant with all applicable laws and avoid costly fines and penalties.

In summary, load planners play a critical role in the success of any trucking company. They help businesses optimize their resources, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and navigate complex regulations. By partnering with a skilled load planner, companies can gain a competitive advantage and achieve greater success in the transportation industry.

If your company is working with a combination of preplanned loads, dedicated loads and spot market loads, the best solution for you might be a dispatcher load planner.

Similarly to the driver manager, the Dispatcher load planner must have highly developed communication and people skills but also must understand the spot market and must be knowledgeable at negotiating spot market rates with brokers and customers.

The dispatcher load planner, will have all the job responsibilities as a driver manager plus the added duty to search for and book spot market loads with brokers and customers as per your company’s criteria in order to help achieve the goals set for each driver and truck. These criteria can be preset so the dispatcher load planner can make the decisions automatically following the rules or the dispatcher load planner communicate with a designated person at your company to get approvals for each individual load.


This position is always goal oriented and the pay is commission based. This position can be custom tailored for your company’s needs and each employee can be trained to perform whatever tasks your company requires. The commission is based on your company’s requirements.



  • Negotiate the best rates and book loads for the trucks
  • Track delivery and pickup schedules
  • Scheduling and dispatching drivers
  • Ensure perfect communication process to and from company
  • Ensure perfect communication process with drivers

*job duties are just a suggestion, you can create your own job description and based on that, the pay will be negotiated directly with the employee.

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