Automation of processes

How software robots can help people and business get rid of repetitive and boring tasks

Using UiPath – a global software company that creates robotic process automation software,  Fleet Caravan LLCmakes software robots in order to help people and businesses get rid of repetitive, simple, redundant and boring tasks. A software robot can do this tasks better than human. Software robots, same as people, can do things like:

understand and read what’s on a screen (text, picture etc.),

  1. complete the right keystrokes,
  2. open, close and navigate systems,
  3. search, identify, extract copy, and insert data
  4. manipulate data in complex operations,
  5. create and send emails with custom data and content.
  6. logging into programs and apps,
  7. move files and folders,
  8. filling in forms,
  9. complete routine analyses and reports.

More advanced software robots can do cognitive processes, read and understand the  text, engage in chats and conversations with humans, understand unstructured and chaotic data and engadge AI and machine learning to make complex operations.

Most important is that the software robots can do these processes faster and more consistently than a human with no error, without the need for a break or vacation. The software robot will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and never ask for a break, never complain or ask for salary increase.

The advantages and benefits to choose process automation. Software robots automation streamlines the workflows in the business, eliminate all errors especially human and attention errors, increase the speed of process execution, the process will be performed up to 10-20 times faster by software robot vs human, multiply the volume of executed processes by 20 times, the process recurrence will be performed 20 times more by software robot vs human. The software robots make business more profitable, more flexible to changes and crisis, and responsive to market shifts.

Believe it or not but software robots increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing boring, stupid and mundane tasks from them.

Software robots will perform all repetitive and lower-value work for people so that people are freed to innovate, create, collaborate and interact with customers and partners.

Software robots is using a noninvasive technology and can be implemented in a very short time comparing to sophisticated software integrations.

Many businesses chose to implement robotic process automation through robotic software.

Pegasystems conducted a survey of 500 decision makers employing a range of robotic process automation solutions across various industries globally. When asked how RPA factors into overall digital transformation:


63% said it’s a major component


23% said it’s the most important component


14%said it’s a minor component


The top three benefits of robotic process automations noted by respondents were:

51% Work is more efficient, effective, and accurate

45% Reduction in overall business costs

42% Improvement to the employee experience


The more technical benefits of bots ranked a little lower: 30% said that fixing poor processes is one of the biggest benefits of RPA, and 30% indicated bots extend the lifespan of existing systems.

Process automation streamlines a system by removing human inputs, which decreases errors, increases speed of delivery, boosts quality, minimizes costs, and simplifies the business process.   It incorporates software tools, people, and processes to create a completely automated workflow. It can help companies achieve great results and reduce their operational costs.   Process automation is a very trendy industry that is getting popular.   Fleet Caravan LLC is managing and implementing automation of processes since 2016. Throughout the years Fleet Caravan has automated more than 50 processes for different customers generating millions of dollars from cost savings (human resources cost and errors cost).   Fleet Caravan is helping businesses gain availability and reliability through automation of back office processes: data entry, accounting operations etc.
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