Billing & accounting support

Full time employees that will work on your company’s billing. They will receive and read all the incoming emails with reference to the freight bills, insofar for accuracy and invoice your customers and freight brokers following your company’s guidelines.


If you are using a factoring company, they will maintain a close relationship with the representatives from the factoring company and with your customers to ensure prompt payments are received for your services.


At the same time, these employees will prepare weekly or biweekly settlements for your drivers and/or owner operators following the standards and procedures developed by your company.



  • Full processing of invoices
  • Process and issue invoices to customers
  • Invoice customer as requested by the customer
  • Process and issue statements
  • Update customer files and correct errors on internal system.
  • Update the customer vendor profiles and billing requirements
  • Effectively communicate with all internal and external customers in person, via email and by phone
  • Respond and resolve payroll inquiries from drivers

 *job duties are just a suggestion, you can create your own job description and based on that, the pay will be negotiated directly with the employee.

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