Fleet Management System

Fleet Caravan is a fleet management software for freight transportation businesses, which intends to help trucking companies to: 1) better monitor the performance of truck drivers, 2) determine the location of the trucks and trailers and, 3) prevent high costs related to repairing/fixing the trucks. By determining the physical location of the truck, the truck’s mechanical condition, and the specific driver who is operating the truck, management can promptly make the necessary decisions and intervene by adjusting the routes, replacing the driver and/or the truck and other necessary adjustments according to each specific situation. These prompt steps would save the trucking companies a lot of costs and time. The Fleet Caravan app will provide complete information about the drivers, trucks and trailers, driving routes, distance, and fixing costs. This product is a perfect solution for small and medium freight transportation businesses, because it facilitates the process of repairing/fixing equipment, organizing pre-trip inspection and post-trip inspection and taking steps at the right time to prevent possible accidents or  transportation malfunctions.

fleet management system