Fleet Caravan LLC is a solution oriented company with experience since 2010 in Labor Cost Reduction Using Outsourcing and Robotic Software Programs in back office processes. Fleet Caravan outsourcing services will provide you the best people for your business while providing significant cost savings and limit your tax, insurance and overhead liability when compared to hiring similarly qualified employees within the United States of America. 

Fleet Caravan Robotic Software Programs, will replace your office employee with a significant cost saving and errors elimination. A software robot is 2,5 times cheaper than an office employee, makes no errors and works 24/7.

We can take a big hassle off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what’s the most important for your business: staying profitable.

With rich experience since 2010 and successful projects deployed for international leading corporations: Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., BT Group plc (trading as BT and formerly British Telecom), Sunrise UPC GmbH (formerly Sunrise Communications AG based in Zurich, Switzerland), Fleet Caravan LLC, is a Las Vegas based company specialized in providing excellence in labour cost reduction services: Robotic process automation, IT, software development, back office, accounting and invoice processing, HR, sales support, order processing, call center.

The choice


Our company will help you develop a team that you will be able to control as if they’re your own employees


Eliminate your job advertising costs completely. Eliminate your benefits cost, workers company insurance and employment taxes completely. No real estate/office space costs.

24/7 availability

We provide 24/7 support in our seervices.

No Risk

Our services have all current possibilities of risks eliminated. Our contract allows to mitigate any risk and does not imply any commitment.

Planing & execution0%
Listen the customer0%
Full control0%
Experienced team0%