Driver Performance Evaluation System

Fleet Caravan management software focuses on the performance of trucks, identifying the location, fixing equipment and evaluating the overall operation of the trucks. DriverPro, on the other hand, focuses on evaluating employees’ performance.

DriverPro is a software that provides performance management and employee evaluation solutions as a service to freight transportation businesses. The purpose of DriverPro is for transportation businesses to keep track of their employees’ performance and the overall company’s performance. The main idea of this software is that it identifies the weaknesses of the company’s performance overall and the employers can use this data in order to improve the efficiency of the employees and increase profitability.


DriverPro unifies, collects and analyzes the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) :

Productivity level – the distance driven by each driver; the longer the distance, the higher the company’s profitability. Transportation businesses use a per mile rate to determine productivity and to set up the price for the transportation of goods. The longer the distances, the higher the revenue levels.

Work availability –  this indicator measures the time off which a driver can have from work, the driver’s responsiveness, whether he shows up to work or not. The software is designed to calculate the work days of the drivers, as well as the days off. For example, if a driver takes off one day a week, that will be reflected in his overall performance. At the same time, the software calculates the amount of bonuses or extra pay if the driver works overtime.

On time performance – number of late pick ups, number of late deliveries. The software is also able to determine whether these delays took place on the fault of the driver or other external factors interfered, such as: traffic jams, accidents, blown tires, dangerous road conditions (black ice, windy, storms, etc.).

Communication – this indicator measures the driver’s communication skills. Drivers are obligated to inform the customers in case of delays and try to find the best solutions to deliver as soon as possible. Also, drivers must communicate with the management in order to ask for guidance on how to proceed in cases where delays occurred. Each load has certain documentation such as bill of lading, invoices, proof of delivery and a number of paid fees associated with the goods to be transported and delivered . The driver has to provide these documents to the management of the company. This indicator is important because it can increase or decrease the reputation and efficiency of the company, as well as the relationship with customers and their level of satisfaction with the services provided. A good/low level of performance of this indicator directly impacts the cash flow of the company, which depends on an efficient invoicing process.

Load acceptance – There are three different categories of drivers: 1) In the first category, drivers usually can be employees of a company and they cannot choose which load to transport; 2) Owner operators usually work for carriers but they own a truck and they have the right to refuse certain loads; 3) Finally, walk-away lease drivers can also refuse certain loads because they lease their equipment to the transportation companies. This indicator can show for example if a driver from category one who did it have to refuse the load to transport, did in fact refuse and that will impact his performance.

Safety key performance indicators describe the level of safety that the driver has when driving and whether he complies with commercial driving regulations. Under this category, there are three important sub indicators: 1) safety performance, 2) any at-fault accidents, 3) safety training compliance. Safety performance measures whether the driver respects or disobeys the state regulations related to truck drivers (ex:, driving hours). Any at-fault accident reflects the number of accidents that were committed by the driver and his level of fault. This indicator can significantly affect the company’s reputation and ratings/scoring, as well as the premium for insurance companies. Safety training compliance is mandatory for all truck drivers and they need to obtain a minimum passing score to be able to continue to work as truck drivers. The training is very useful because it informs the driver about any changes in regulations, safety instructions, and communication guidance.Usually, companies will reward the truck drivers in the form of bonuses if they attended the mandatory training.

Customized indicators. In this category, our software is able to include any key performance indicators specific to the company and its services. For example, a company may require that the driver speaks and understands English. This indicator can be added to the other performance indicators of the drivers to determine their ratings.

The software is fully customizable. Any custom feature can be developed.


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