Afterhours and night time full support

Afterhours and night time full support

Full time employees with advanced level of English language knowledge, college graduates. These employees can be trained based on your methods to perform all type of afterhours support for your drivers and customers except booking or planning loads. (Type of work typically performed: load OTP and OTD tracking, provide updates to

customers, provide load details to drivers, assist with lumper payments, emergency road side assistance payments, assist drivers in case of

breakdowns (find hotels if needed, set up Uber rides if needed)(we do not hire or search for mechanics), fuel card management, perform

necessary updates in your TMS, I out data in to your TMS for new loads, answer incoming phone calls and take messages for the appropriate

department) This position is a set salary based plus bonuses to incentivize some type of outcome you desire. This position can be custom tailored for

your company’s needs and each employee can be trained to perform whatever tasks your company requires. The salaries will be negotiated for each individual employee separately based on that individual’s qualifications.

fully dedicated 24/7


•Ensure all truck drivers are en route to pick up / delivery or sleeping as per planned schedule by Dispatch and Load planner

•In the event of any change of plan, update all necessary stakeholders including brokers

•Ensure constant efficient communication with all stakeholders: drivers, brokers, day operations team, management

•In the event of any issue, guide and help the driver as per work instruction to solve it as soon as possible, report,

escalate the issue, ensure proper documentation of the issue and resolution. Communicate with breakdown support to

ensure repairs have been completed.

•Assist with equipment swaps during after hours.


• Full coverage hours of operations (with minimum of 5 full time employees): Mo-Fri – 2 PM – 6 AM;

Weekends – 24h.

• Partial coverage available depending on number of full time employees.

• Fully dedicated employees – performs the work solely for your company.