Day time transportation dispatcher & driver manager

EXPERIENCED and carefully selected

If your business is working with dedicated freight and/or pre-booked and pre-planned loads, a driver manager or dispatcher might be a good solution for

you. Typically an individual that has highly developed communication and people skills with preferably previous experience in afterhours dispatching would be

the perfect fit for this job. The job duties would start from imputing the specific load data in to your TMS, to verifying the accurate mileage, hours of service and pay

for the drivers and send all the required information to the drivers via your preferred communication methods

(SMS, email or your ELD or TMS messaging system) He/she would be responsible to monitor his/her drivers

and ensure the home times requests are fulfilled, as well that the company’s requirements are met. The

driver manager will work together with the load planner to ensure the company’s goals are being delivered. Typically the load planner is a person within your

company that will plan the loads for your fleet and the driver manager will have to execute the plan together

with his drivers. This position is a set salary based plus bonuses to incentivize some type of outcome you

desire. This position can be custom tailored for your company’s needs and each employee can be trained to

perform whatever tasks your company requires. The salaries will be negotiated for each individual employee separately based on that individual’s qualifications.



• Hours of operations: Mo-Fri – 5 AM – 2 PM;

• Fully dedicated employees – performs the work solely for your company.

• Day dispatchers with > 5 years experience available.


• Keeps track of prebooked loads

• Scheduling and dispatching drivers

• Ensure perfect communication process to and from company

• Ensure perfect communication process with drivers

• Resolve problems related to freight

• Preparing work orders and introducing work orders in the system

• Keeping and organizing work requests and customer requests job duties are just a suggestion, you can create your own job description and based on that, the pay will be negotiated directly with the employee.