GPS based load tracking software

GPS based load tracking software

GPS based load tracking software is:

  • Fully automated
  • Fully Integrated
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GPS based load tracking software is a software that provides real-time GPS based location of the truck, geofence and predictive updates with Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) via email to customers. This software is a perfect solution for freight transportation businesses and it provides customers with two important solutions:

First, the software provides a helicopter view of delivery status by showing a high-level accurate aerial view of the truck and trailer location and route. Also, this application is a great advantage for truck companies because they can assist the authorities (police) in identifying stolen property (trucks, for example) by providing them with the latest location information.

Secondly, the software sends a live location sharing immediately after the contract between the carrier and customer is signed. With the help of GPS based load tracking software , the carrier is able to deliver best-in-class customer service with live location links of the equipment to its customers with accurate ETAs.

Also, the software provides geofence services. It automatically notifies, via email, when the truck arrives and leaves specific locations, or when abnormal activity occurs, for example in instances when the truck is stationed more time than needed, the truck is heading towards an incorrect direction or the truck is using an incorrect route which means higher costs (due to more fuel consumption and more time spent).

In order to reduce the cost of load tracking by humans, we developed a proprietary software that can track and predict the ETA for each of your load by using data from your TMS and ELD. A designated group of people will receive alerts every time the software will predict a load could be late for pick up or delivery so that a human can take a closer look and make the appropriate decisions for each individual case. This software will also keep track and automatically inform your dispatchers and customers in advance about possible detention times at pick up or delivery, without having to rely on driver to inform you. This feature alone will help pay for the cost of the whole monthly subscription in a matter of days.